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Plant Technology

Natura Coir Headboard

  1. Natura Coir Hardboards are made using our proprietary adhesive and compression formula to bind coir together.

  2. With this unique technology, we are able to develop a range of products that:

  3. Improve Water Transportation

  4. Reduce Temperature

  5. Increase Porosity

  6. Eliminate Water Stagnation

  7. Are Quick and Easy to Install

Eco Building

Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate

  1. Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate (NSAP) is made with a proprietary blend of fertiliser that is then compressed with our proprietary compression formula. Loose unfertigated peat is converted into slabs that contain a pre-mixed fertiliser formula that absorbs moisture upwards through capillary action.

  2. The result is a modularised substrate that:

  3. Improves Water Retention by up to 6 times

  4. Is 10 times lighter than soil

  5. Is Quick and Easy to install

  6. Transports Moisture Upwards


  1. Natura’s Geomat is a flexible and versatile module made with coconut fibre. We employ our proprietary compression formula and adhesive in making Geomats that can be used in a range of applications.

  2. Products developed using Natura Geomat:

  3. Help Combat Soil Erosion

  4. Improve Water Retention

  5. Improve Water Transportation

  6. Reduce Temperature

  7. Increase Porosity

  8. Combat Soil Erosion

  9. Improve Drainage

Botanical Wall
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