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Plant Care Program

Learning to care for plants is a journey, because they are living there is always something new to learn. The basic elements that plants need for their growth are Air, Temperature, Light, Water, Humidity, Food, Pruning, Disease, and Pest Control. The plants however differ in the quality and quantity of these needs that they must have in order to grow successfully.


The natural habitat of a plant is not exactly indoors. In an artificial environment, the plant depends only on you for all its necessities and all of its requirements. Caring for plants is all about knowing how to satisfy the needs of the plants. Our highly trained plant care specialists provide all the care necessary to keep Natura’s plant solutions in top condition so you do not have to worry.


At Natura, we care deeply about our plants and find it mandatory to personally take care of them for a month after installing them in a new environment. This is why we offer free plant care for 1-3 months after installation depending on the size of the area, after which we offer the following options, depending for the same depends on size of the area/plant system:

  • A 3-month workshop for knowledge transfer with your maintenance staff to teach them how to care for these plant systems.

  • Sign up for one of Nature’s AMC packages. (Recommended)

AMC Deliverables

  1. Water Management

  2. Irrigation system management

  3. Application of fertiliser

  4. Application of plant medicine

  5. Trimming and pruning

  6. Media Management

  7. Selective Plant Replacement

  8. Natura’s Green Promise.


Plant Care Program

  1. Plantcare Program 1: Once a week plant care visit*

  2. Plantcare Program 2: Once in two weeks plant care visit with customer staff assistance*

  3. Plantcare Program 3: Once a month plant care visit with customer staff assistance*

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