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Plant Frames

Plant Frames

  1. Astatically designed to bring in a custom artistic appeal to a wall. Plants are pre grown and framed, ready to install when required.

  2. Installation Method: Easy Installation – wall hanging

  3. Irrigation: Manual

  4. Drainage: zero leakage no drain required.

  5. Lighting Guide for insufficient natural light: Guide for insufficient

  6. Natural light: 20-40 W LED lights installed 2 ft away from the

  7. green wall. One light covers (n+1) of the wall surface.

  8. i.e. 5M wide wall will require 5+1 = 6 LED lights.

  9. Standard Size: a.600 mm X 600 mm  b.450mm x 450 mm

  10. Plants per frame: a. 20 b. 16

  11. Price: a. Rs.7200/- b. Rs.5800/-

  12. Applicability: Indoor & Outdoor

  13. Delivery Timeline: 45 – 60 days.

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