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Green Roofs

Capillary Action Drain System

  1. Natura’s green roof system is a lightweight modular system well suited for any roof surface. Its capillary action feature ensures no seepage and leakage. Lightweight Roof Lawn system which consists of a HDPE root barrier sheet, 10 mm Natura Geo Mat (Dry size), 25mm Natura Roof Mat (Dry Size) consisting of 15mm Natura Super Absorbent Polymer Substrate & 10 mm Natura Geo Mat in a tile form consolidated with Scrim expanding to 50 mm with the addition of 4.25 letters of water/SFT, covered with Mexican Sod Lawn of 50 mm Thickness or Selected Ground Covers.

  2. The entire system to weigh 8 kgs./ SFT ±10% in the wet form and have a height of 110 mm ± 10%

  3. Installation Method: Easy Installation, roll out modular system

  4. Irrigation: Automated Sprinklers

  5. Drainage: Capillary action / Civil sloped drainage.

  6. Standard Size: Customized

  7. Applicability: Outdoor

  8. Delivery Timeline: 25 days

  9. Price: Rs 180 per SFT


Synthetic Drain System

  1. Synthetic drain cell system

  2. Installation Method: Easy Installation, roll out modular system

  3. Irrigation: Automated Sprinklers

  4. Drainage: Civil sloped drainage.

  5. Standard Size: Customized

  6. Applicability: Outdoor

  7. Delivery Timeline: Custom

  8. Price: Rs.230 per SFT

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